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Introducing the latest in brake pad technology from Circo Brakes.

Circo Racing Brake Pads are designed for the world of competition where absolute performance is the most important factor. The technology and quality of Circo Racing Brake Pads is absolutely top notch, manufactured 100% in Japan by Winmax Corp to strict specifications based on real world R&D in Nascar, WRC, Sportscar, Japanese GT and more.
The Circo Racing Brake Pad range includes compounds suitable for all competition fields, from club level through to national and international level motorsport.


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Circo M207

Typical applications:
– Circuit racing
– Heavy, fast cars
– Professional level motorsport


Circo M111

Typical applications:
– Circuit race car with booster assistance
– GT and Production cars
– E.g Porsche GT3, R35 GTR


Circo M119

Typical applications:
– Tarmac and Gravel Rally
– Under-braked small circuit cars


Circo M127

Typical applications:
– Circuit and Sprint racing
– Heavy, fast cars
– Club to Semi-pro level racing